Introduction to IQAir Air Purifiers

IQAir manufactures and distributes air purifiers which have received more Number One rated product reviews from various notable organizations and health groups than any other brand of air purifiers. The Health Pro® Series operates with a four stage process of air filtration that clean the air of the full spectrum of indoor airborne particulates and pollutants. These systems are the number one room air purifiers for sufferers of allergies and asthma. The GC MultiGas Air Purifiers are the company's quietest systems to date. They are the number one room air purifiers for smoke, odors and MCS.

IQAir Air Purifiers

The Perfect 16® Whole-House Air Purifiers are designed to fit an existing HVAC system. Their HyperHEPA filtration is the industry leader. It filters particles as fine as 0.003 microns; the "ultrafine" particles of viruses and many other harmful elements. No other air filtration systems can filter particles this fine. This is the only system of its kind to hold a perfect MEER 16 rating.

IQAir's Stand-Alone Models of Compact Air Purifiers include the Dental Series and the Cleanroom H13 which is equipped for antimicrobial filtration. Their SwissAir® SolventMaster connects directly to the exhaust ducts of solvent printers to remove VOCs.

IQAir Air Purifiers

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