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Janome is a name that’s synonymous with high-quality sewing machines. Since the late 19th century, the company has been designing and creating sewing machines that set the highest industry standard. As a true innovator, Janome is always operating on the cutting edge of design and efficiency. In fact, Yosaku Ose, the company’s founder and a pioneer in sewing-machine manufacturing, replaced the traditional long shuttle with a round, metal bobbin system, transforming sewing forever. Moreover, Janome was the first company to introduce the world to a programmable sewing machine, which happened all the way back in 1979.

Janome machines are known for their durability, capability and ease of use, allowing sewists to take full advantage of their creativity and ambition. In addition to the world’s finest sewing machines, Janome also makes a full range of accessories and components, helping sewists ensure that they always have access to the tools they need to create. When it comes to sewing machines, accessories and artistic aids, Janome stands out as the best of the best!

What Makes Janome Stand Out?

Janome sewing machines enjoy an outstanding reputation in the industry, setting a standard that’s tough for competitors to achieve. Serious sewists everywhere depend on Janome machines to help them create and produce at a high level, and the company is well known for its ability to innovate. How did Janome build such a stellar reputation?

  • » Janome machines are built with maximum simplicity and ease of use in mind
  • » The company’s products are built to inspire creativity and innovation
  • » Janome has a history of high quality, dating back to the 1800s
  • » Janome is a world leader in sewing, with divisions of the company located on nearly every continent
  • » The company provides the highest levels of customer support and education
  • » Janome operates on the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing prowess

Janome Sewing, Embroidery and Serger Machines

Janome offers a full line of products to serve the creative needs of sewists everywhere. The company creates sewing machines to suit the needs of every consumer, from the novice to the professional. Janome also designs and manufactures the world’s finest embroidery machines, satisfying the creative requirements of quilters and others. Additionally, Janome offers the highest-quality serger machines, enabling sewists to take the skills and their designs to the next level.

All of the company’s machines are built using the industry’s highest standards of manufacturing excellence, ensuring that you, as the consumer, never need to worry about the ability of your equipment to do the job properly.

Janome Artistic and Accessories

Janome sewing machines are instruments of creativity and expression, and the company provides a full line of artistic tools and sewing accessories to help consumers realize their inspired dreams. Creative sewists can take advantage of Janome’s many software offerings that provide features for truly getting the most out of a sewing machine. Software suites such as the Artistic Sewing Suite V6.0 include thousands of built-in designs, templates and shapes in addition to customizable monograms and font-conversion capabilities.

Consumers can also take their projects to the next level with the help of Janome’s sewing accessories. Everything from sewing and support tables to comprehensive thread assortments are available from Janome. And you can be assured that the company’s accessories, components and tools are manufactured with the same high standards of excellence as Janome’s sewing machines!

Using a Janome

A sewing machine should not stand in the way of productivity and creativity; it should enable and enhance those qualities! Janome understands the needs of sewists of all types, from those who simply want to complete a few basic projects each year to those who depend on their craft to realize their greatest creative inspirations or for their livelihood. To that end, Janome makes sure that its machines provide an experience that allows users to achieve their dreams.

Janome Sewing Machines — The Best in the Business!

For more than a century, Janome has provided casual and serious sewists with the finest tools and accessories. When you use a Janome machine, you experience firsthand the highest standards of manufacturing and design, allowing you the full freedom to sew and create with nothing standing in your way. If you’re interested in revolutionizing the way you sew, look no further than Janome for the tools you need to realize your vision!

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