Vitamix Blenders

When people think about high-quality blenders, one name comes to mind again and again: Vitamix. For decades, Vitamix has designed and built the world’s best blenders for both home and commercial applications. Each and every machine is manufactured in Olmsted Township, Ohio, where the company has long been established as an American original and a true innovator. The people who work to bring Vitamix blenders and accessories to the world put a great deal of pride into the products they create — every blender is subject to the toughest standards of quality control before it is shipped out from the factory.

A commitment to good health and a higher quality of life led to the creation of the Vitamix brand, and the company is dedicated to ensuring that its values remain true as it continues to innovate and provide consumers with life-changing appliances. A family-run business, Vitamix understands the needs and desires of real people, and its products reflect an understanding of how people really live. If you’re interested in revolutionizing the way you approach nutrition, and you won’t settle for anything less than the best, Vitamix is here for you!

The Vitamix Difference

Vitamix blenders allow users to unleash their full creativity in the kitchen, enabling people to create everything from perfectly blended hot soups to decadent desserts with ease. Some of the qualities that make Vitamix products stand out include:

  • » High-performance motors
  • » Precision controls
  • » Hardened stainless steel blades
  • » Durability to withstand frequent, everyday use
  • » The ability to create complex textures
  • » Outstanding ease of use
  • » A commitment to powerful simplicity

Vitamix Blenders

All Vitamix blenders feature laser-cut blades built using aircraft-grade stainless steel. Additionally, each blender is designed with maximum simplicity in mind, meaning that users can blend — and clean — with ease. These are the qualities that make Vitamix blenders the only choice for those who require a machine that can stand up to daily use.

Vitamix designs and manufactures blenders for the home in three distinct classes:

S-Series personal blenders allow for maximum portability and flexibility, giving consumers the option to create small meals for the family, or take their favorite recipes on the road.

C-Series classic blenders give users the ability to prepare healthy, whole-food-based meals using classic, time-tested designs.

G-Series “Next Generation” blenders feature more powerful motors for premium blending inside sleek designs that allow for under-the-counter use and storage.

Vitamix Accessories and Blender Containers

Vitamix blenders are fully self contained units that do the work of several appliances. However, the company also offers a full line of accessories and replacement parts. Items ranging from cookbooks and tampers to full blade assemblies are available.

The company also provides users with several options for blender containers, should the need for replacement or a greater number of kitchen possibilities arise. Wet- and dry-blade containers are available in a variety of sizes, as are compact containers designed especially for travel and maximum portability.

The Joys of Using a Vitamix

For many people, the blender is an appliance that gets dusted off once or twice a year, but many people recognize the benefits of having a high-quality precision blender available to create healthy meals and beverages every single day. Overwhelmingly, these discerning consumers turn to Vitamix.

There is no question that Vitamix sets the standard in the industry, but why are the company’s products considered the best by those who use them?

  • » Vitamix blenders are made using the finest materials, ensuring long-lasting durability
  • » Simplicity and ease of use create a sense of excitement in the kitchen; people love using their Vitamix blenders!
  • » Cleaning a Vitamix blender is almost as easy as using it to create healthy, delicious mixes
  • » Vitamix blenders are incredibly versatile — users boast that their machines do the jobs of several existing kitchen appliances!

Vitamix Blenders — Setting the Standard

When it comes to blenders, there’s Vitamix, and there are imitators. For consumers who demand the highest levels of quality, simplicity, durability and flexibility, only one brand offers a full line of long-lasting products miles ahead of the competition — Vitamix! For the better part of the last century, Vitamix has operated on the cutting edge of the industry, ensuring the continuing satisfaction of discerning consumers like you!

Vitamix Blenders


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