History of Wusthof

Wusthof, founded in 1814 in Soligen, Germany, is recognized worldwide as a specialist in exceptional knives. This family owned company has spent 200years establishing a proud tradition of quality and functionality. The company symbol has evolved over time to the now trident form, symbolizing the three principals Wusthof is continually committed to: Passion – Diligence – Perfection. There are many series of knives offered, each one is unique in its offering. We invite you to explore them with us today!


The German knife making company Wüsthof, based in Solingen, is famous for its high quality cutlery products. Wüsthof is a family owned business that has existed for seven generations. In addition to knives, the company also produces and markets kitchen shears, pocket knives, manicure sets, sharpening tools and other cooking accessories.

Wusthof Cutlery

Abraham Wüsthof founded a "factory for fine steel wares" in 1814. Under the leadership of successive generations of the family, the company Abraham founded outgrew its original manufacturing building and four more before today's current three ultra modern high output production facilities in Solingen were opened. A fourth production building is under construction as well. The quality of Wüsthof cutlery is assured by manufacturing every piece through a system of forty different production processes. The company institutes strict quality checks after every process: i.e., optical measuring stations and laser checked cutting edges. Wüsthof knives are easily recognizable by their Trident logo embossed on each blade.

Wusthof Knives

All of Wüsthof's knives are precision forged except for their two stamped series (Emeril and Gourmet) and their laser cut series, Silverpoint. Several Wüsthof knives are used by famous internationally known chefs. Martha Stewart uses the Classic range, while Gordon Ramsay uses the Classic Ikon range. James Martin favors the Culinar knives, while Jamie Oliver uses both the Ikon and the Classic ranges. Both the Grand Prix and the Classic lines were listed in Consumer Reports in 2005 as top rated knives. All Wüsthof knives are consistently presented in Cook's Illustrated magazine with high ratings. The main Series are the Classic, Ikon, Ikon Crème, Classic Ikon, Culinar, Grand Prix, Grand Prix II, Gourmet, Emeril and Silverpoint and the XLine, which is Wüsthof's new kinetic design. Each series has a different handle design that is ergonomic and devised for ease of use and comfort. All knives are manufactured with extraordinary sharpness, a seamless handle fit, with a special steel alloy and for both the serious home cook and professional chefs. All are lifetime guaranteed against manufacturing and materials defects.

Wusthof Products

In addition to their outstanding knives, Wüsthof's reputation for quality and function extends to other kitchen products as well. Basic knife items include peeling, paring, carving, boning and filleting knives. Meat forks, carving sets, utility knives, knife blocks and sets, sharpening steels and knife sharpeners are also produced by Wüsthof. Professional knives include butcher knives, bone saws and cleavers. Accessories include cutting boards, BBQ sets, garlic presses, nutcrackers, cheese knives, plating tongs, oyster openers, automatic cork screws and more. Wüsthof produces multiple pairs of kitchen and utility shears, manicure sets and grooming scissors. Kitchen gadgets such as melon ballers, orange peelers, lemon zesters, apple corers, pizza cutters and potato peelers are available from Wüsthof. Storage for knives includes knife blocks, magnetic holders, knife roll, cook's case and blade guard. Some of the sharpening instruments the company produces include sharpening steel, a butcher steel, a whetstone, a ceramic sharpener and a diamond knife sharpener. Some of the most popular Wüsthof products in the United States according to their volume of sales are: » Classic 2.75 Fluting Knife (4064 7 Classic 2) » Classic 4.5 Decorating Knife (4200 Classic 4)

Wusthof Cutlery


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