Janome MC12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine


The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is a super quiet machine with outstanding performance. Whether you quilt, embroider, sew home decor and garments, or anything in between, this machine makes it easy. It's so effortless to use, and gives you such powerful tools, you can spend days happily stitching, loving what you create.

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is a super quiet machine with outstanding performance. Whether you quilt, embroider, sew home decor and garments, or anything in between, this machine makes it easy. It’s so effortless to use, and gives you such powerful tools, you can spend days happily stitching, loving what you create. The MC12000 includes Real-time PC Connection with Horizon Link for creating and editing embroidery designs. It also features 425 Built-in stitches, 13 One-step buttonholes, and so much more! Top loading full rotary hook bobbin. Threading the Machine. Maximum stitch width: 9mm. Maximum stitch length: 5mm. Sewing application support with on-screen help. Full intensity lighting system with 10 white LED lamps in 5 locations. 15 Embossed stainless steel bed. ; Retractable High Light and AcuView Magnifier. The MC12000 is a super quiet machine with outstanding performance.

 12000-Arm_1608_270x190  Large Sewing Space- The sewing area to the right of the needle is 11 inches, great for large sewing and quilting projects.
 12000-Screen_1616_270x190  Color LCD Touch Screen- This brighter screen is easier to see and responds more quickly to your choices. to speed your browsing, use the Touch Bar to turn pages and the Touch Ring to move through individual patterns. Settings are easy to find and adjust.
MC12000-horizon-link Advanced PC Connection-Horizon Link- Even though it’s as easy as ever to create and edit designs on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000’s touchscreen, you can take your editing capabilities even further. You can use your regular computer to edit designs on your screen. Use your mouse to drag, drop, and edit. It means your editing screen is only limited by the screen you hook up to your computer.
 12000-Stitch-Creator_1617_270x190  Generate Your Own Stitches- Don’t just adjust existing stitches. Create your own original embellishing stitches from scratch. Using the Stitch Composer it’s easy. Your Memory Craft 12000 can use your new creation just like one of its own built in stitches, changing length and width and attaching it to combinations.
One Step Plate Converter- Using the right tools at the right time is important in sewing. When using lightweight fabrics, or piecing quilts, a straight stitch needle plate makes all the difference. Janome’s One Step Plate Converter allows you to easily switch and use the perfect plate for your project. Simply press a button to release one plate: then snap a new one in place. It takes only seconds, with no screwdriver required.
Compact Embroidery Unit- Janome engineers have found a way to offer large, solid, professional style embroidery-and still keep the embroidery unit as compact as possible. No other brand can offer as much embroidery space. The attachable embroidery unit snaps right into the back of the machine. This innovative embroidery unit placement means you can use the free arm, even when sewing embroidery.
Seeing is Believing!- Janome’s High Light is activated by pulling it forward. The adjustable light provides a beacon that directs light right to the needle, so you can see your stitches with clarity, and needle threading is quick and easy. Ten bright LED lights in five locations light up the bed of the machine. For even more focus, a special magnifying glass attaches directly to the face plate
AcuFeed Flex- Janome’s AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System is known for its precision and power. Janome has improve this amazing device. The AcuFeed system is removable when not in use. Adding and removing is easy! AcuFeed comes in two useful options. The two-pronged AcuFeed feet advance fabric from the top and bottom. Use this system for quilting, seaming, and sewing. The one-pronged AcuFeed feet give precise control for more detailed work.
 Auto-Presser-Foot-Lift-desc (1)  Auto Presser Foot Lift- The auto presser foot lift automatically lifts the presser foot after a thread cut, allowing you to keep your hands on the project at all times. It can also be set to raise at the end of any seam, with the needle in the down position for easy pivoting. This great feature simplifies the sewing process- you have less manual steps to save time and increase efficiency.
 7700-Knee-Lift_1622_270x190  Adjustable Ergonomic Knee-Lift- Raises the presser foot with an easy movement, allowing you to keep your hands on your project.

The extra large embroidery area lets you use four hoops with amazing new abilities. 

hoops-descFA10 Free Arm Hoop

The FA10 Hoop has an elongated shape just 3.9 inches x 1.6 inches (100 x 40mm). This is the perfect size for doing embroidery in tight places like cuffs and sleeves. Because the Free Arm Embroidery Hoop is so small, you can add embellishment to ready made items without having to take them apart.

SQ14 Standard Square Hoop

At 5.5 inches square the SQ14 Hoop is just the right size for many embroidery designs. For best results, the hoop should be close to the same size as the design that will be stitched so the edges of the hoop support the fabric and keep it from flexing as the needle goes in and out.

SQ23 Big Square Hoop

Quilting directly in the hoop is very popular, and the new SQ23 Hoop is perfectly proportioned for these larger, square designs. At 9.1 inches square (230 x 230 mm), it’s ideal for doing embroidery and in the hoop stippling on your quilt squares. It also features special magnetic clasps for easier hooping and more precise results as you move from square to square.

GR Grande Hoop

Measuring 11.8 inches x 9.1 inches (300 x 230 mm), the GR Hoop could be called the Grande. It’s designed to allow you to stitch out your largest designs with even better precision. The MC12000 comes with dozens of large scale designs made just for this hoop. With this much room to work with, you’ll find your creativity in making your own embroidery layouts. Like the SQ23, the GR Hoop features magnetic clasps for faster, easier hooping.

Returns are accepted for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. All returns must be pre-approved and include the original box, user manual and all parts. If your unit is defective please follow the exchanges procedure listed below. ** For purchases made November 15 to December 30, returns will be accepted for up to 60 days. Contact us at [email protected] for special instructions for return shipment of your order and for your return authorization number.
Weight 30.5 lbs
Dimensions 22.6 x 9 x 12.4 in

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